Friends with Nat is the perfect place for women to learn how to style their wardrobe. More try ons, tips and tricks and insights into my personal styling.
Are you ready to look and feel confident?
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Friends with Nat is the perfect place for women who want to learn how to style their wardrobe.  More try ons, more tips and tricks, more insights into my personal styling. Are you ready to look and feel confident?


Hello, my gorgeous friend!

Does trying to figure out what to wear in the morning get you down? Are you tired of seeing smaller sized women, modelling the clothes you’d like to buy?
Do you wish you could see everyday women wearing garments in REAL sizes?

You’ve come to the right place!

 No Filters No Nonsense!


I’ve made it my mission to help women look and feel fantastic. After I had my baby, I didn’t recognise my body anymore and it was a long and difficult road to get my mojo back. Now I’m a proud size 16 and I’m passionate about helping other women find clothes that make them feel amazing.

My video try-ons of different fashion brands are unfiltered and unedited. I show you what their garments look like on my perfectly imperfect body to help you buy online with confidence. You’ll even see me in my everyday underwear! It doesn’t get much more real than that.


Fashion for real women

I show you how to style and wear the latest collections from different fashion brands for every budget.

Fashion for confidence

I'll show you how to wear the right style for your body shape and accentuate your beautiful features.

Designer discounts

Get access to my exclusive partner brands and discounts so you can shop within your budget.

"You are so full of great information, advice and thinking positive about your body and how to look great in your clothes. Thank you!"


Eva Whiffen

What You'll Get

Maybe you’ve always been curvy or your body has changed over time.

Perhaps you don’t recognise yourself in the mirror after having a baby.

Whatever your story is, I’m here for you, my gorgeous girl!

I’ll help you find some knockout looks that will make you feel like a million bucks and I’ll give you styling tips that will put a strut in your step.


I give you a deep dive into how to style the latest fashion to suit your personality, style and exude confidence

Seasonal Fashion

I'll show you how to structure your wardrobe for each season and get prepared for upcoming trends. 


Join like-minded women who share their latest purchases, their biggest fashion pain points and celebrate each others wins.


I partner with some of the worlds top brands and give you exclusive access to discounts only for the Friends With Nat community.

Exclusive Access

You may be part of my free online community of 225k amazing women but here you get exclusive interactive live streams, videos and access to me.

Weekly Videos

You will receive weekly fresh content with new brands, items and tonnes of tips. I keep this fun, fresh and full of seasonal tips for you to use weekly.



Exclusive Membership


  • Access to Friends With Nat content for 6 months for less than $2.50 a week
  • Weekly Video's and much more
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  • $$$ worth of discount codes with Australia's leading brands each week
  • Exclusive access to live streams and try on hauls

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